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THE PHRASE “PEOPLE OF COLOR” NEEDS TO DIE. My hate for the nebulous, jittery, and useless term “people of color” can at least partially be blamed on celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, and ranch dressing. It was 2017 (I think). I was on a panel about anti-Blackness, but I don’t remember exactly where. … So, near the end of the panel, when an audience member asked about “strategies to remove the disparities people of color face” or whatever, my reply was a bit spicier than normal. I knew that “POC” had become shorthand for white people uncomfortable with just saying “Black.” And instead of correcting them or asking them to clarify, I usually just pretended they said “Black” and answered accordingly. … “Everyone up here is Black, and this forum is specifically about Black shit, so why are you asking about people of color? What does that even mean?”

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