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JEREMY TARDY EXITS DEAR WHITE PEOPLE, ACCUSES STUDIO OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION. Actor Jeremy Tardy will not return to Dear White People for its upcoming fourth and final season, citing his experience with studio Lionsgate, which produces the Netflix series, and what he called “their practices of racial discrimination.

“In a lengthy social media post on Friday, Tardy, who has held a recurring role on the series since its first season, said the studio declined his counteroffer during salary negotiations, stating that “the initial offer was the ‘best and final’.”

“This news was disturbing because one of my white colleagues — being a true ally — revealed that they too had received the same initial offer and had successfully negotiated a counter offer,” Tardy wrote. “My team expressed this issue to Lionsgate and the producers maintained their position that the white actor was able to negotiate while I was not — regardless of my credits and experience.”

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