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BARR SAYS CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWNS ARE THE ‘GREATEST INTRUSION ON CIVIL LIBERTIES’ SINCE SLAVERY. Attorney General William Barr said in a speech Wednesday that lockdowns intended to slow the spread of the new coronavirus were “the greatest intrusion on civil liberties” in the history of the United States since slavery. 

“You know, putting a national lockdown, stay-at-home orders, is like house arrest. Other than slavery, which was a different kind of restraint, this is the greatest intrusion on civil liberties in American history,” he said, according to CNN. The crowd at Hillsdale College in Michigan reportedly burst into applause.

… The comments came the same day Barr advised federal prosecutors to charge violent protesters with sedition, the federal crime of plotting to overthrow the U.S. government that carries a heavy sentence. He’s also reportedly asked prosecutors to look into charging the mayor of Seattle with a criminal offense for allowing protesters to establish an encampment that barred police from entering earlier this summer.

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