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SORRY, IT TURNS OUT RUTH BADER GINSBURG IS NOT YOUR LIBERAL CARTOON SUPERHERO AFTER ALL. [This article was written by Washington Post Reporter Caitlin Gibson. It was originally published October 13, 2016]

Ruth Bader Ginsburg is known for speaking her mind. It’s the very quality that has made her something of a living icon lately — especially for young liberals who count themselves as superfans.

But the Supreme Court justice’s dismissive comments about Colin Kaepernick and the other athletes who are dropping to their knees during the national anthem — their silent protest against racial bias and police brutality in America — has left much of her devout following reeling.

Is this the end of their long-time love affair with “Notorious RBG”? Or are fans just realizing they’ve maybe been projecting a little too much of their own worldview on a fiercely independent jurist?

For many of her fans, it seems incomprehensible that the same woman who has penned such staunchly liberal and quotably eloquent decisions advocating for the rights of women, minorities, gays and transgender people would go against the grain of their own thinking on the national anthem protest.

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