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THE NOD’S BRITTANY LUSE EXPLORES BLACKNESS ON OUIBI. Brittany Luse remembers La La Anthony’s days as a highly-coveted VJ on MTV in the early aughts. She makes sure to mention that when talking to the actress about her start in the music industry and eventual transition to a six-season run on Power. Now La La is on a mission to uplift Black women through her work as a producer — and Brittany can relate. It’s a conversation that’s as easygoing and laid back as it is in-depth. An instant understood vibe.

“I think our desire to talk about the specificity, the beloved corners of Blackness, I think a lot of that groundwork for that was laid by Eric and I becoming friends attending Howard University,” Brittany tells Teen Vogue about her The Nod co-host Eric Eddings. It’s this friendship (now 15 years in the making) that’s at the center of their conversations — the highly specific, yet universal passion for the culture that brought each episode to life and what continues to spur their conversation onward from podcasting to Quibi. …

“Black culture is so layered, varied and multifaceted that being able to actually see that just takes the show to a whole other plane,” Brittany says about the show that runs four days a week and covers Black experiences in this country. “I loved working on ‘The Nod’ podcast, and it was such a joy to be able to tell Black stories in a medium that hasn’t always featured Black people. And it’s a really big honor to be able to bring new dimension and depth to that; being able to do a visual version of the show has really been a dream come true.”

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