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Arizona Republic

3 WOMEN SAY CHEESECAKE FACTORY MANAGER RACIALLY PROFILED THEM, ACCUSED THEM OF STEALING. Three Black women in the Valley will no longer eat at the Cheesecake Factory after they said a manager at a Peoria location racially profiled them and accused them of dining and dashing on Saturday even though they paid for their check. 

After shopping, Salisha Rigsbee, Chelsey Richardson and Marquelle Blassingame stopped by the Cheesecake Factory in Peoria near 83rd Avenue and Bell Road for an appetizer and drinks to celebrate Blassingame’s birthday.

They finished eating and paid $52 for the bill and tip through a touchless payment option, a QR code, when the waitress gave them their check — it was the same payment method they used at another Cheesecake Factory in Phoenix on Wednesday, Rigsbee said.

After paying and hanging out in front of the restaurant for several minutes, the women walked back to Blassingame’s car when a man, who they said appeared to be a restaurant manager, followed them and wrote down her license plate number on a piece of paper. …

The women didn’t back down — Rigsbee and Blassingame are attorneys and all three work at Rigsbee’s company, The Rigsbee Law Firm.

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