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Daily Mail (U.K.)

CALIFORNIA COULD BECOME THE FIRST STATE TO PAY REPARATIONS AFTER ADOPTING A LAW TO LOOK AT THE ISSUE. California has become the first state in the country to adopt a law to study and develop proposals for potential reparations to descendants of slaves. Gavin Newsom, governor of California, on Wednesday signed a bill which would establish a task force to look into the issue. The task force must hold its first meeting by June 2021. Newsom said the discussion was necessary, and ‘long overdue’. …

Assembly Bill 3121 mandates the formation of a nine-person panel, appointed by the governor and legislative leaders. The task force will conduct a sweeping examination of slavery in California and the United States, and explore the lasting consequences of discrimination against freed slaves and their descendants. …

The law does not explore how reparations should be paid, or dictate how the state should determine who would qualify for compensation. Those questions remain up to the task force to study and recommend. In order for the task force’s recommendations to be acted upon, the Legislature would need to pass another bill to approve reparation payments. 

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