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Southern Poverty Law Center

ANTI-BLACKNESS & WHITE NATIONALISM: A CALL TO BLACK AMERICA. These are hard times for Black America. Black communities are disproportionately devastated by COVID-19 – one in 500 of us is projected to die from the virus by January 1 – along with police violence and criminalization, wage inequities, healthcare disparities, environmental toxins, and hate crimes.

This is a moment in our centuries-long struggle for racial equity in which we face more than these manifestations of persistent, structural white supremacy. The other threat facing us today goes beyond anti-Black racial bias. Our entire democratic system is under attack from the white nationalist movement. …

The gains we are achieving against white supremacy in this year’s uprising for racial justice are critically important. But the world needs to understand that these hard-fought gains on their own won’t slow down the white nationalist movement unless we take white nationalism on directly.

So once again, it’s up to us, Black America. We need to expand our leadership role from protesting white supremacy to leading the fight against the white nationalist movement as well.

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