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By Janelle Griffith Oct. 22, 2020

An investigation is underway at an Indiana high school after a photo caption in the school’s 2020 yearbook listed a student on the boys basketball team as “BLACK GUY” instead of by his name.

After images of the photo in the Brown County High School yearbook were posted to social media Monday, the superintendent apologized that evening in a Facebook Live video.

“It has been brought to our attention that that yearbook has a truly incomprehensible statement included in it,” the superintendent, Laura Hammack, said, adding that officials were “trying to better understand what that situation is all about.”

Hammack declined a request for an interview Thursday and referred NBC News to a statement she and Brown County High School principal, Matthew Stark, released Monday.

In the Facebook video, she said that she did not know all of the details of how it happened and that an investigation had been launched. Hammack said that officials spent the day with the student’s family to ensure that they understand “this awful situation” will be fixed.

“This is a clear violation of our nondiscrimination policy,” Hammack said.

The student has not been publicly identified. He appears to be the only Black or multiracial player in the team photo, although state data indicates that there were no Black students enrolled at the school last year.


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